How to get access to the darkroom

Where is it?

We're located on the -1th floor in the Q building at KTH Main Campus. Just enter the Q building, go down the stairs and on your left you should see a door with our logo and a big camera hanging at the entrance.


For a yearly access to our lab we ask for 350kr. We guarantee:

  • Access to two enlargers, paterson tanks, film dryier, filters and more

  • Digital lab with

    • Imacon

    • Coolscan IV

    • flatbed scanner

  • Fresh supply of chemistry (developers, fix, stop) for both B&W and C41 development

  • Some papers and chemistry for making prints

How to get access?

After you become a member you will be able to book a time and use our darkroom whenever it will suit you.

  1. Become a member through Signup form

  2. Send us a message on facebook or mail ( Tell us a bit about yourself and if you'd prefer to pay for the membership using bank transfer / paypal / cash

  3. We will set up a intro course on how to use our equipment

  4. W will ask you about the number on your kth access card so that you could visit the darkroom anytime on your own

  5. You'll be ready to book a time on our booking system!